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Enjoy the ability to smile freely and confidently with fixed bridges 

Missing teeth can cause many problems, from difficulty eating and speaking to poor nutrition and self confidence.  Fortunately, Abbey Dental has many ways of replacing lost teeth. Dental bridges are one of the most time tested and effective techniques.  Since 1999, Abbey Dental has been known for providing quality dental care in the Las Vegas area.  With over 145,000 satisfied patients, Abbey Dental is dedicated to providing you with exceptional restorative and cosmetic dental services.  We understand the importance of your dental health  which is why we offer same day appointments for your convenience.  Our friendly staff is here to answer any of your questions.  Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

About Bridges

How do fixed bridges work?

The bridge is anchored by a tooth or teeth either side of your missing tooth, which are called abutment teeth. The tooth that replaces your missing tooth is called a pontic. The pontic is connected to the abutment teeth in order to support it. Once it is in place a fixed bridge will look as natural as your own teeth.

What material is used?

Two types of materials can be used for fixed bridges and they are:

Porcelain – Is usually used for front teeth, as it can be colored to suit the rest of your teeth for a more natural look.

Porcelain and Metal Bridges – Are stronger than porcelain by itself and they can also be colored. This material is usually used on back teeth that need more strength.

What does the dentist do?

Your dentist will shape your tooth or teeth in order to make them smaller and ensure that the bridge fits properly. Then an impression will be taken of the reduced tooth or teeth. During the period of waiting for the bridge to be made, your dentist will fit you with a temporary bridge to avoid any embarrassment.

When the new bridge has been made, you will attend the dentist for your second appointment and your fixed bridge will be fitted. After a few weeks if there are no problems the fixed bridge will then be cemented in permanently.

How durable is a fixed bridge?

You should make sure you go to a dentist for a regular check-up, so that any problems can be spotted and dealt with immediately.

How is a fixed bridge beneficial?

You will notice an improvement in the way you eat, although you might have to eat soft foods when the bridge is first put in, but this will only last a short while. If you’re missing tooth caused you problems with your speech, you’ll also find that this will improve.  Additional cost procedures may be required for bridges depending on a case by case basis.

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