A FREE SECOND OPINON is restricted to someone who has already received a recent first opinion about a specific dental solution. Typically to qualify, patients are expected to provide current x-rays, a Panorex or CT scan which are less than three months old as well as a corresponding unredacted written fee estimate from a Las Vegas dental competitor. There may be an additional charge if patients do not present their x-rays, Panorex, or CT scans from their first dentist’s opinion. There typically is a fee for x-rays, a Panorex or CT scan when receiving a Free Second Opinion.  The discounted cash price for the initial intra-oral periapical and bitewing X-rays is $250, 3-D digital intra-oral scan is $250, CT scan is $850 and the Panorex X-ray is $775. To take advantage of the fees, for any of the above diagnostics listed, to be discounted or complimentary, patient must pre-qualify on at least one payment plan out of seven different affiliated finance companies. Patients should expect their credit scores to drop significantly when applying for payment plans with all of the seven finance companies. Other restrictions apply.

The PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE and FREE SECOND OPINIONS only apply to the sum of the total treatment plan and not the individual procedures and it must match exactly with the same treatment plan, materials, expected time frames, limited warranties and exact same payment/financing companies being used. Any PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE is limited to Las Vegas competitors only and does not apply to any insurance, third party or Medicaid prices. A Las Vegas competitor’s, apples to apples, estimate must be advertised and brought in within 60 days of starting treatment to receive reimbursement of price match, if lower price is not met at time of sale. Abbey Dental’s prices may be much higher than other dental offices. However, for those patients who are seeking second opinions, Abbey Dental may apply their PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE to their competitor’s quotes only upon patient’s request. Restrictions apply.

PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE only applies to “Extensive Dental Work”, which is defined as treatment plans from other dental offices that are greater than $4,900. On “Extensive Dental Work” you may save $1,000 off or you may save 20% off, whichever is less. Restrictions apply.

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