What Our Patients Say….

We love Abbey we have been long time patient’s…..we love the staff and all the dentist….the office is beautiful…..they beat everyone ones price…..they offer financing which is perfect for us on a fixed income….we are a retired couple so money is tight. Thank goodness they help with payment plans…I would recommend Abbey to anyone….. everyone here is so friendly

Kathy Gerling

I have lived in Las Vegas 35 yrs and have never been treated so well by a dental office here. Laura was very cordial and professional in the manner in which she dealt with me. Laura offered suggestions and got me seen quickly by the dentist. She set my mind at ease as to what would be best for me. I will share my experience with friends and family.

Diane Woods

Abbey Dental is the best. Came in to put a crown done. 10 days later it was bothering me and I happened to be by their practice. Popped in to make an appointment. They said let’s do it now. My dentist was not available but they got another to do it. Wow!! Wasn’t expecting that. Love this place. Nicest staff ever!!

Mikki Maini

I had a great experience here I especially loved how comfortable Laura made my family and I feel. It was a very welcoming experience. I would recommend this place for anyone who needs dental work done ? They really care about their clients

Harley Favazzo

We seen commercial on tv and we made an appointment their first was fantastic the place is clean…. they make you feel comfortable no one likes to go to the dentist so it nice to find a dental office where all the staff is so happy….. very happy…. not only do I recommend I insist you come to abbey

Frank Marker

I am a Long time patient at abbey I had full mouth reconstruction on my mouth. Dr crow deserves more than 5 stars painless perfectionists he save my mouth….i got exactly what I wanted i could not be happier Stacy is the best with her guidance i could not have reacted my goal with my teeth….i recommend everyone here to abbey this is the only place I will come too i mean it

Judy Leavitt

I am still on my way home from my operation and I’m reading these comments wondering if these people are describing the same place I was at. From when I first walked in till I left I was treated so well. Wether it was the lady at the door, the financial guy, or anyone else it was such an easy process. Jennifer who was there to monitor my vitals during my operation was great. She was there to make sure I was doing good till I was in the car on my way home. While I was waiting for my operation Mike the financial guy came and sat down next to me and we talked for a good 20 minutes about my flight school and other stuff. Doctor was awesome and funny. Not sure what these other people are talking about. Will definitely go back again if needed. Thanks again.

Steven Cole

I went online to find out about the cost found out everything I needed to know and even set my appointment….best dental experience of my whole life and I have had plenty …..took advantage of there in house financing. I was scared out of my mind thank god they had sedation to get all my dental work .dr crow is the best he put me at ease made me feel so comfortable…..I am so happy with my dental treatment

Patricia Tyler

I got tired of the doctor sticking me with needle so I need to be put to sleep. Came to abbey it was a easy visit i woke up everything was all done…..i recommended if need to put to sleep for dental work come to abbey the staff is so nice and sweet very helpful. They have a lady at the front desk Linda she is in the right place so positive

Oscar Hudson

Came to Abbey to get sedation because im so afraid of the dentist they offered financing which is so helpful to me on a fixed income the staff is amazing David and Dr Stephenson have been,so helpful explaining everything to,me…..i would recommend Abbey to anyone who needs to be sedation for dental work like me. And a payment plan to fit my pocket book…..come and see them,the office is beautiful and clean

Tracy Crabb

I enjoyed working with the people here at abbey as a dental delivery man. They are always friendly and hospitalble with great snacks in the waiting room….. I highly recommend this place for anyone who needs a dentist

Steve Chatelain

Having dental work here has not only improved my smile but my health. Wonderful place. Wonderful people. Thank you Abbey.

Geoff Dixon


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