Having a missing tooth can make it tough for you to enjoy your favorite meal. Asides that, the hole in your mouth takes away your beautiful smile and self-confidence. Dentures offer an affordable way to replace your missing, broken, or decayed teeth. However, to ensure that the dentures are correctly placed, it is important to get it done at a reputable dental practice that offers dentures in Las Vegas. Abbey Dental is the ideal dental office to turn to.

At Abbey Dental, we aim to help restore your smile and confidence. We provide top class denture placement procedures which involve replacing your missing or lost teeth with an artificial one. We can also help replace worn-out gum tissues. Our denture procedure is just the ideal and affordable way to restore the lost glory of your teeth.

Our denture placement services are well-detailed and transparent. We serve patients all over Las Vegas and nearby cities. Whether you need partial dentures to replace one or a few teeth or you require complete dentures in Las Vegas to replace your entire teeth, count on us to get it done. We promise to dedicate every resource at our disposal to ensure that the denture placement procedure is successful.

Our Denture Placement Process

The denture placement procedure starts with the patient undergoing consultation and comprehensive dental exam. This will help determine if dentures are right for you or not. If you are eligible for the procedure, our dental experts will determine the right dentures you should opt for.

Next, we treat your teeth and gums to ensure that they in the optimal level of oral health. Our dental professionals will take a mold and design the dentures to suit your gums and jaws perfectly. A new date will be scheduled for fitting the new teeth.

All the processes will be handled by our well-experienced dentists using state-of-the-art dental equipment and sophisticated techniques. The dentures will be designed to fit perfectly into your mouth. Be assured that your new dentures will serve all your speaking and eating needs for an extended period.

Let Us Help Place Your Dentures in Las Vegas

At Abbey Dental, your comfort and convenience matter a lot to us. Our friendly, kind, and compassionate staff members will welcome you into our facility with an inviting smile. We will provide you with everything you need to feel relaxed and comfortable while we place the dentures.

Asides that, we also offer sedation dentistry. Our dentists will give you anesthetics to reduce the pains during the procedure. With this, you can anticipate an enjoyable and pain-free experience during your denture placement procedure.

Schedule An Appointment With Us Today!

Are you looking for the perfect and affordable way to replace your missing teeth? Schedule an appointment with us today at Abbey Dental. Our experienced dentists will be available to speak with you and discuss your dentures options. We offer affordable dentures in Las Vegas. We will tailor our dentures placement procedure to your budget and dental needs. We guarantee you excellent services that will surpass your expectation.

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