Restorative or implant dentistry deals with advanced dental problems leading to missing teeth. Dental implantology makes for a vital procedure, which means that you need a leading provider for the job. Our team, at Abbey Dental, consists of some of the best professionals in the practice.

If you need dental implants in Las Vegas, you need to visit our office and talk to us. Even one missing tooth can impact the integrity and the health of the other teeth. We urge people never to ignore the danger of losing a tooth and seek immediate attention when it happens. At our office, we offer you three options:

One-tooth implant – An advanced cavity, gum disease, or mechanic trauma may lead to losing a tooth. We will use an abutment, along with a fitting crown, to replace the tooth and restore your dental integrity. It’s the most straightforward procedure, but the benefits will go for a long way.

Multiple teeth implants – People usually lose multiple teeth as a result of advanced gum disease, no dental care for years, or severe injuries at teeth or gum level. Depending on the remaining integrity of our dental structure, we might use dental implants to connect to a bridge. The bridge will fill the gap if the missing teeth are consecutive. If they’re sporadic, you might need separate implants.

Full teeth implants – Some people end up missing all their teeth. And, as severe as the situation might seem, we have ways to solve that problem as well. We use some of the best dental implants in Las Vegas to rebuild your dental structure. Extended bridges or snap-on dentures, along with multiple implants will help restore your dental functionality.

Many people avoid resorting to extensive interventions, such as having a dental implant, either out of fear or because they see no need for them. But the pros cannot be argued against. Dental implants will deliver a variety of benefits, including:

  • Improved digestion due to better chewing abilities
  • Better pronunciation, in cases where missing teeth affect the ability to speak properly
  • Improved looks
  • Higher self-esteem and confidence
  • The ability to smile more often
  • A more positive state of mind, etc.

As you can see, the benefits go beyond the physical and enter the psychological realm. Studies show that people who feel more comfortable in their own skin tend to be more positive, sociable, and likable. Our social success depends on a variety of factors, but it mostly comes from our ability to smile, manifest confidence, and make a powerful first impression.

If you’re in need of urgent dental implants in Las Vegas, call us for a brief introduction! We’ll set an appointment for you at one of our offices, where our specialists will take your case immediately.

At Abbey Dental, we take pride in our vast experience and the overwhelming success of our services in the community. We love to make people happy because we believe there’s nothing more important than that in life. We’re selling smiles, so come and get yours!

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