Why choose Abbey Dental?

It’s simple: We respect our patients’ time, budget, oral health, and appearance. Here are just a few reasons more and more patients are choosing Abbey Dental for their oral health care needs.


Fast, Friendly, and Comfortable Service

Who says going to the dentist has to be boring, painful, or time-consuming? Over and over again, our patients rave about the positive experiences they have with our dentists and staff. Our goal is to provide the high-quality care you expect in a fun and engaging environment.

 First-Class Dental Solutions

Don’t be fooled by our affordable prices. At Abbey Dental, our high standards for quality ensure access to dental prosthetics, cosmetic treatments, and other high-end oral health solutions. We do not cut corners when providing our patients with their treatment options. Our dental care solutions strive to deliver natural-looking and highly functional results that help improve our patients’ self-confidence and quality of life.


Second Opinions are Free (restrictions apply)

A second opinion can make all the difference in the world when it comes to your smile. We know that undergoing dental treatment is a major decision – especially complex restorative and cosmetic treatments. That is why we are proud to offer second opinion consultations at no charge to you. If you have been given a diagnosis and treatment recommendation, we can provide you with our own professional opinion, as well as any alternative treatment options that may be available to you. We’ll even provide you with price comparisons to ensure you are getting the most competitive price for the care you need. It’s possible: You can have peace of mind, for free!