Zirconia Crown




(free upgrade from porcelain to zirconia crowns or bridges)



free upgrade from porcelain to zirconia veneers

All-on-6 Dental Implants


Full set of upper or lower zirconia teeth attached to 6 implants





Financing in 60 Seconds

Most people don’t realize that you don’t have to be rich to get your teeth fixed. I meet a lot of nice people every day who just don’t have the money sitting in the bank. Most of the payment plans we offer do not require you to put any money down. Other dental offices generally use only one or maybe two finance companies. At Abbey Dental we have up to six finance companies at our disposal. Since we work with so many more finance companies we can generally offer more payment plan options to our customers and we can try and help those with less than great credit. We work with the lenders to compete for your business. This way, my team can help tailor your payment plan to what suits you best. The applications are really quick and once they’re submitted we can usually get them approved in about sixty seconds.

Free Consultations

At the beginning of my consultations I usually ask people what their treatment goals and needs are. Most people don’t know what they really need but they do come to us hoping their treatment doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. It’s really satisfying for me that even before I meet someone I already know that we will have a solution that allows them to keep as many of their teeth as possible. Once it is determined how many missing or damaged teeth need fixing, we will try to save as many of your good teeth as possible. It’s our goal to figure out how to rebuild your smile that specifically focuses on your needs. Even if we can’t save any of your teeth we have different ways we can rebuild your smile. We generally do most of our procedures with sedation so that you have the best possible experience during your treatment. During your consultation we will determine which types of materials to use to complete your treatment. We will be totally upfront about the cost of your treatment and are committed to always trying to help you attain financing as an option for your payment.

Why Choose Abbey Dental

I am happy to say that this year we will be celebrating the 20 year anniversary. Since we have been in business longer than most of our competitors, this has given us the confidence to offer our 25-year limited warranty program. We believe that this should give you the PEACE OF MIND that you deserve and that we will be there for you if you ever need us. Unlike most Dental Offices that have only one dentist, we have 11 doctors at one location who have full access to many different types of technologies they need so that you can expect to get EVERYTHING done at one place. What makes us distinct from some other dentists is that we have a complete and separate sedation department of doctors who will help reduce your anxiety if you have any fear of going to the dentist.

Most people don’t realize that you don’t have to be rich to get dental work. My team is happy to be able to help change people’s lives by securing them financing so that they can finally have the dental treatment they thought they could never get. What also makes us distinct from other dental offices is that we have up to six finance companies at our disposal which gives us a better chance at getting you a payment plan that suits you best.

Get Pre-Approved for a Payment Plan With No Money Down!

Payment plans are available based on credit approval of the patient or co-signer.  

Which best describes your credit?



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